Thousands of Leads Available!


In Diamond Memorial, agents always come first.


Due to the reality that we have had to live with, the COVID-19 pandemic, our main concern is the health of our agents, their families, and of course our clients.


In one week, we completely changed our entire system and adapted to this new reality.


Now, our field agents can make new policies over the phone from home, and their clients will be able to sign them with their voice. Agents can have the advance in their bank account that same night!


Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I get paid?

Commission advances are paid daily, but surely you would like to know more about it. As an example, if you write a policy in our Secure App today before 3: 00 PM MST, you will receive the advance in your bank account tonight. Although most of your commission is paid that same day, you also receive money for the first 12 months after a policy you wrote is issued. This is known as “as-earned commission” and renewals are paid as well. In summary, this means more money the longer you stay with us! If you would like to know more about it, please contact our recruiting department.

Do you have a lead program available?

YES! And we capitalize that yes because we have a lead program that has been established, improved, and developed over the past 25 years. It consists of two fundamental points. A) Variety: we offer TV leads, direct mail leads, web leads, and policy holder leads, and B) the financing of your leads in a personal account that allows you to start and develop as an agent, without having to use money out of your own pocket. To learn more about how the lead account works, you can watch the commissions video that appears in the section “How often do I get paid”?

How good are the leads?

A lead is a sales opportunity, not a sale made. With that being said, we can add that our leads are constantly monitored with quality controls. Records indicate that the average of sales closed is approximately between 1/3 and 1/4. The fact that these numbers depend on the origin of the lead must be considered, that is, the closing potential of a TV lead is not the same as that of a direct mail lead (although the differences are not significant in many cases). Teaching you how to manage and maximize those leads is an important part of the training we provide at Diamond Memorial.

Do I have to pay for the leads in advance?

No! The Lead System allows you to take the number of leads you want, without paying in advance. The company finances your leads. This means that when you acquire leads, the balance accumulates in a personalized agent account. For every sale you make, a percentage of your commission (30%) is taken, which is automatically applied to your lead balance. This way, you do not have to pay out of your own pocket. You will gradually pay the lead balance with each sale that is made.

What type of training do you provide to your new agents?

At Diamond Memorial, we take everything related to training very seriously. We know how important it is for you to receive the appropriate training that will lead you to be successful in the business. Therefore, we have designed a step-by-step training program that includes videos on our training page that cover all the main points. The training videos include topics such as how to fill out applications and tips from our nationwide top producers. You will also receive field training with the help of an experienced agent before you begin to sell. Lastly, we have phone conferences and live training webinars every week.

How many hours should I work per week?

First and foremost, you are your own boss. This is your business. Although, something that we have learned in the 16 years as an agency is that to guarantee success in the final expense market, a full-time commitment is necessary. We know perfectly well that your success depends on the number of hours per week you invest in your work. This is something that applies in all careers and professions. For this reason, when we welcome you, we will push you to make a full-time commitment. We have seen the results, and we want you to achieve the success you are looking for.

Can I qualify to receive personal and family health insurance?

Yes! One of the great virtues of Lincoln Heritage is that they always put you first. The health of their agents and that of their families, is a constant concern for the company. Lincoln Heritage is one of the few insurance companies to offer health coverage for its independent agents. Agents and managers are eligible for health insurance coverage for themselves or their family. The requirements are based on production. There are different levels that are regulated according to the production of the agent or manager, to determine the payment of individual or family health insurance. To learn more about agent health insurance, please contact our recruiting department.

No License?

No Problem!

Obtaining the Life Insurance License in your state is easy if you have the right preparation! We can provide you the best online Test Preparation Course, so that you can start a new career with us!



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Same Day Advance Commission


A company that cares about its agents must have an implemented system that allows them to pay the same day. Our philosophy is simple, you earned it, we paid for it. No more waiting for YOUR money!


Underwriting Approval Rate of 98%


Keep it simple. That is our motto when we talk about underwriting. Simple applications, no medical exam just health questions on the application, and a trained underwriting department to serve our clients and our agents.


Health and Dental Insurance for Qualifying Agents


We know how important health is for agents and their families! 


Training with Diamond Memorial's Top Producers


Our top producers are our leaders and managers. And they are the ones who will welcome you to our company and give you the field training with all its secrets, so you can find success just as they did.


Proven and Exclusive Lead System


No upfront expenses. Company sponsored lead financing. Real exclusive leads. Real no upfront expenses. Imagine starting to work with 25-30 leads a week, without having to pay money out of your pocket? Unreal!


Exotic Incentive Trips to Outstanding Agents


Hundreds of Diamond Memorial agents and their spouses have enjoyed trips to different parts of the world: Germany, Hawaii, Mexico, Scotland, Costa Rica, and more. How about a vacation in a castle in Scotland?


Great Income Potential  (Earn $500 a Day)

Sound crazy? Not for us, you can see the numbers of our agents when you come in to our office. It is simple. Do the math! Then, surprise yourself with your bank statement.


Extraordinary Home Office Support


To have properly equipped agents working in the field, you need staff in the office who understand that our agents are the fundamental element of our success. Our staff provides great office support.


Simplified One Page Application & E-App 

It took 15 years of hard work for our underwriting department to achieve a one-page application. Time is money! Also, you can write a policy in our Secure App. Do you need anything else?


Working for the Nation's Leader in Final Expense


Everything is synthesized in excellence. Working with the leading company in the final expense market who has been in business for more than half a century, gives you the support you need to achieve your goals.




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