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Program Guidelines

If you are a part of our agency, you know that the concept of friendship and family is priority to Diamond Memorial. We consider ourselves a "big family" and we firmly believe that the members of this family should have a say as to who will be a part of it.

This is the reason we’ve created this referral program. Not only do we want you, our agents, to be part of this but we believe it seems fair to reward said agents and managers who strive to bring new agents to our team.

This is a program that will reward our agents throughout different steps of the referral process and at the same time it will ensure that our existing leaders in our agency have the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to form their own teams. Your managers have flyers that we have specifically designed for this program available for you that will help you meet your goals.

We have designed this program in such a way that allows you to accompany your referred agents you’ve brought on board as they begin their first steps in the agency.

We’ll provide you with the reward system that has been established for leaders and agents in the different steps of the process.

First Step

The new agent must sign the contract and agree to come on board.


Reward: Leads or Cash


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